In 2016, the three musicians, aged between 16 and 18, decided to organize a cover
gig to celebrate the birthday of their music school teacher. After the first rehearsal,
it was clear to the boys that their shared musical passion would bond them for a
long time to come.

They didn't want to leave it at just one gig. And so they started to make music
without an own name. Concerts at Hellraiser and Werk2 in Leipzig followed. Their
strengths quickly became apparent: they were able to develop their full potential
when jamming and improvising.

At first the band rehearsed in guitarist Andre's childhood room. In the long run,
however, this caused a lot of trouble with the neighbors. The group looked for their
own rehearsal space and found one in a small town near Leipzig. There, on 100
square meters, they created a paradise for creatives - self-built and financed by
gigs. In cooperation with Musicelektronik Geithain, they also created a full-fledged
recording studio, which is also made available to other bands (for instance "Solace"
and "5Raumfenster"). The site also became home to the "der.Proberaum e.V."
association, which organizes the annual "Purple Sounds" festival for newcomer
bands. After the rehearsal room was finished, the band was finally able to focus on
songwriting and production.

During this time the band went through several line up changes under the name
"LINE X OUT". For the singles "Get Your Ass", "In Light", "Voiceless" and "Deaf" they
worked with different singers.

However, the core line-up quickly realized that this concept was not a
permanent solution. In spring 2023 Alfred (drums), Benni (bass) and Andre
(guitar/vocals) decided to continue the band as a trio. Under the name "LXO"
they released their first single "Flower of Hate" and their first EP "Curtains
Falling" in October of the same year. In March 2024 they released their brand
new single "I will kill you" in their own production. This time, the trio goes
one step further and proudly presents their self-produced music video for
the song.